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Hypnotherapy can help you control pain
Controlling pain

Pain is a signal, and normally appears to let us know something is wrong, for example, an injury or illness. It is vital that you have visited your GP regarding any pain you are experiencing, before any work is done to reduce the intensity. Often it is not ethical to remove pain completely, and in these cases it can be reduced to a more comfortable level.

Reducing those levels

Chronic pain, which is when pain signals are consistently being sent from the nervous system for weeks, months and sometimes even years. Often chronic pain begins with an injury or illness, such as a long-term serious condition like cancer, an ear infection, arthritis or an injured limb. Even in situations where these injuries and illnesses have healed, pain signals may still remain in the nervous system for long periods of time and thus chronic pain persists. Some people also suffer from chronic pain despite no past injury or evidence of damage to the body.

Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy is often highly effective in dealing with pain management. In fact, people often undergo surgery and dental work using hypnosis as an aesthetic. Hypnosis techniques can be taught to you by your therapist to help you manage chronic pain as well as pain post-surgery. It has also been shown to reduce the post-operative recovery time on some surgical procedures.

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