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Can’t sleep?  Hypnosis can help

Everyone needs sleep; in fact we all need 6-8 hours of sleep each and every night in order to function properly. If we lose only one night of sleep, we can generally recover inside of a few days, but long term sleep deprivation isn’t so easy to overcome.

Insomnia causes untold numbers of people to miss out on precious sleep. The most disturbing part of the problem for most people is the fact that there is nothing in particular blocking them from having a good sleep. You are comfortable, you have no disruptions, you feel nice and warm and you feel laid back but for some strange reason you cannot get to sleep. Hypnosis for lack of sleep can help you get some necessary sleep.

So what is Insomnia?

Insomnia is essentially not getting adequate or any sleep when we have sufficient possibility to do so. Where we tend not to feel refreshed or renewed because we just haven’t had the opportunity to rest.

Signs of sleep issues can be: difficulty going to sleep, difficulties sleeping at all, waking up early in the morning, waking up during sleep, disturbed or restless sleep, finding daily function difficult because of tiredness, change in mood and low concentration during the day because of sleep deficiency.

There are commonly very simple reasons for sleep disorders. Tension and panic are major reasons behind this sort of condition. These problems present themselves in our conscious and subconscious which means we have both regions of our mind battling against us every time we try to fall asleep.

On a conscious level, most of us might have experienced the issue of a hectic mind in bed, where you simply cannot turn off and all of the day’s thoughts and problems spin around in your thoughts constantly. A lot of people fall asleep through pure mental exhaustion.

Tension and anxious feelings especially, suffered on a long term basis, can manifest on a far deeper level. Some people begin getting anxiety attacks part way through the night not knowing what they are experiencing. In some instances panic and anxiety is absorbed by the mind without us realising it, until we suffer insomnia type symptoms down the line.

When we become conscious that we are having trouble sleeping, we can produce a fear of it happening and so a vicious circle is established. Without the power to control these symptoms, an individual may become worried, exhausted and stressed out.

Though well known mind clearing methods will help (such as writing problems on a notepad before bed etc) they are only dealing with the conscious aspect of the mind. What this means is the largest part of the mind – the subconscious isn’t addressed and so the symptoms may continue despite your best efforts.

A hypnotic approach for sleep disorders helps you find the underlying issues causing the condition and enables you to deal with them. Hypnotherapy can inspire you, allowing you to make a favourable change in your life and interact with your mind as a whole and getting it to cooperate with you rather than against you.

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