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Here you will find a collection of Hypnotherapy and NLP related articles

Hypnotherapy makes giving up smoking much easier

Making use of hypnotherapy to help you to give up smoking makes stopping more effective Everyone understands the potential risks of smoking tobacco. Breast cancer, throat cancer and heart disease are just a few of the health problems related to tobacco smoking. Smokers have a 50% possibility of dying from their smoking habit. If you are a smoker yourself, you will be aware that, as terrifying as this information is, it fades into insignificance when you are getting that all common yearning for ... Read more

Hypnotherapy and Pain Management

  Long term and intense pain has an effect on untold numbers of people within the UK. Here we examine the effects that it can have on someone and how hypnotherapy could help to handle that pain. Are you presently one of the millions of people in the UK afflicted by continual pain? (*) For some, long term pain will have a significant effect on their standard of living and can at times be very incapacitating. There are several things that can cause ... Read more

Hypnotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

There are millions of people today who have been diagnosed by their doctor's as being clinically depressed. People who received this diagnosis may have certain symptoms that are indicative of individuals who are suffering from mild to severe depression. It could be that they see no purpose in life, or that they are simply sad all of the time, not even realising why. There are many medications that can be prescribed for this particular condition, but in reality, one of the best ... Read more

New Years Resolution

  On the 1st of January a large number of us look at our lives and try to find ways in which we can make it better. Some people decide to stop smoking or to eat in a healthy and balanced way, whilst others may work to change things that affect their lives detrimentally, like anxiety or depression. Sticking to New Year resolutions can frequently be hard if you are trying to change habits that you have had for quite a few years. ... Read more

Public Speaking

An important meeting at your workplace is coming up, and you’ve consented to present a few new ideas to the company. You typically feel quite nervous about this sort of thing, but you keep persuading yourself that it’ll be alright. But as the meeting comes closer, you realise it won’t be okay and you regret saying that you’d do this. The mere idea of presenting your thinking to the team will bring you out in a sweat and make your heart ... Read more

Reduce Stress

Some of us are no strangers to stress, and stress related conditions plague society these days. Quite a few of us are unlucky enough to undergo the effects of it frequently. Hypnotherapy approaches can be an important tool in combating this harmful emotion. There are lots of triggers: the reasons for stress are totally individual to each person and situation. A lot of people find that they can cope surprisingly well with a stressful life until something tips the balance and they ... Read more

Hypnosis for Weight Control

Reducing weight with hypnosis is where you have a session of hypnotherapy designed specifically to help you replace the habits that have ended in unwanted weight gain. You enthusiastically throw yourself at each and every promising diet you find out about, you shed the pounds fast, but gradually the pounds creep back on. Many people worldwide struggle with their weight every single day. There are lots of us happily throwing money at every new fad diet out there, desperately seeking to achieve ... Read more

Hypnosis for irritable bowel syndrome puts you in control

  Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a very common ailment causing discomfort and pain generally focused in the digestive system. If you've got irritable bowel, hypnosis is readily available to offer you information and help handling the effects linked to the issue. Outward indications of IBS are generally: tummy pains, diarrhoea, bowel problems, heartburn, flatulence, queasiness and bloated tummy. IBS can contribute towards numerous health concerns and difficulties in addition to being known to trigger depressive disorders in a number of afflicted individuals. ... Read more

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy ?

  What does the term Clinical Hypnotherapy mean?   Clinical hypnotherapy is the utilisation of therapy while the client is in hypnosis, to treat specific mental health issues or symptoms. Clinical hypnosis only works if the client's focus is turned inward so they become more self-aware. This is for the most part achieved by relaxing the customer as far as possible. While in this hypnotic state, the client has the capacity to access information and resources which are thought to reside in the subconscious. What ... Read more

Helping Hypertension

Helping Hypertension   What is High Blood Pressure and the Hypnotension System The Hypnotension programme has been specifically designed to assist the large number of people with hypertension (high blood pressure).   Hypertension - What is it? The pressure your heart produces in your blood vessels as it pushes blood all around your body is referred to as blood pressure. This of course alters during the day, dependent upon your emotional state and activity levels, but when it stays consistently too high over time it is known ... Read more
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