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first hypnotherapy session

The first session ….

The first session is very important, most people will feel something between being a little anxious to feeling very nervous. The main reason for these feelings is the “fear of the unknown” if you have not experienced hypnosis previously. Also it will usually be the first time we meet, so there will be some nerves around that event. We will spend the first 30 minutes or so chatting, I will be asking questions to build up a picture of what you want to achieve, and work out the best way to progress with treatment.

I will also explain exactly what we will be doing, also answering any questions you may have, putting you completely at ease about the whole process. After 30 minutes you will feel much more comfortable and relaxed, also understanding more about what we are going to do to make those changes. The second half of the session is then spent doing hypnosis for the first time, and doing any work that is needed to be done at this time. At the end of your first session, you will feel very relaxed and comfortable, looking forward to your next experience of hypnotherapy.