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How hypnotherapy could help a lack of confidence
Helping people with low confidence by using a hypnotic approach

Self confidence is how we view our own capacity to get something done. Low self confidence is when you view your abilities to achieve or create skills as being incredibly low. Self confidence is similar but not the same as self worth which relates to our view of ourselves. Hypnosis is a really powerful way to discover the root cause of these factors and deal with them.

Precisely why do we need confidence?

Self confidence affects most areas of our life. It can affect how self-confident you feel talking in public or even how confident you feel talking with several friends. We require self confidence to apply for jobs and to put yourself forward for opportunities we may otherwise shy away from. It is trusting we are capable and able to complete the job at hand. Should you suffer from low self confidence you may find you may be really shy, that you feel pretty self aware and embarrassed in social conditions. You may also find yourself turning down suitable employment opportunities because you really don’t think you are able to do the job advertised.

Precisely why do people have self confidence problems?

Low confidence can be brought on by one particular trauma that influenced how you view your talents. Maybe it came from a childhood full of difficulty and negativity from your peers. At times people can discover their confidence is damaged having not realised it was a problem. A few negative events can really affect us  – perhaps a redundancy has left you more troubled by rejected job applications than you previously would’ve been. At times it is easy to bypass how much events have affected us negatively and how those effects may be preventing us from moving forward. From time to time, the reason is far less traumatic and simply a case of the person not identifying their skills and abilities or not knowing how to employ these skills and capacities effectively.

You might have low self confidence if you: have ongoing self doubt; you avoid certain scenarios for fear of feeling embarrassed, you have problems presenting confidently, you dismiss your own wishes or you avoid opportunities that are advantageous (for no apparent reason).

Could it be raised?

It absolutely can. Step one is finding out what created it to start with. Because hypnotherapy approaches address the mind as a whole, the issue can be discovered irrespective of how deep or complex. There are several options for those beset by low self confidence, the most important thing to do is to reach out and get help. It can be truly distressing to live this way, to know you are the number one cause of your inadequate progress. It is not all doom and gloom though; simply realising this fact is also extremely constructive. When your mind is the only hurdle it is quite probable that you can deal with that and progress very quickly.

Most people taking on this issue have a strong wish to change and seek help. Hypnosis may help you with this issue – if you consider yourself to be somebody with low self confidence you should speak to Meirion Ellis today. You deserve to trust in yourself again.

Meirion Ellis from Ellis Hypnosis Clinics is well qualified and has countless years of knowledge of treating low confidence using Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching techniques under his belt.

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