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Hypnotherapy for Pain Control


Hypnotherapy and Pain Management

Long term and intense pain has an effect on untold numbers of people within the UK. Here we examine the effects that it can have on someone and how hypnotherapy could help to handle that pain.

Are you presently one of the millions of people in the UK afflicted by continual pain? (*) For some, long term pain will have a significant effect on their standard of living and can at times be very incapacitating. There are several things that can cause long term pain including surgical operations, cancer treatment methods, injury and of course the wear and tear resulting from everyday life. And whilst the correct medication could go some way to managing the related symptoms of these conditions, the pain can more often than not simply be accepted as something you simply just ‘have to deal with’.

Pain is often a warning that is challenging to ignore. The unfavourable effects of pain on a person’s life happen whatever the cause may be, and have to be handled daily.

Pain has a large number of effects on the body, which include:

Changes in appetite are common at times from the drugs but often when people turn to food for comfort.
Pain typically causes disturbance to their normal sleep patterns.
Stress and anxiety, melancholy and mood swings due to persistent pain.
Emotions and thoughts of hopelessness, reduced self-esteem and feeling ‘broken’.

How hypnosis helps to manage pain.

Pain control is one of the most studied areas of hypnosis, and hypnosis has been shown to be a very productive as well as non-invasive strategy to manage pain. It is extremely useful in relation to conditions where stress or anxiety has a significant effect on the symptoms or pains associated with the condition. IBS, by way of example, has been confirmed to worsen through stress and anxiousness, so when these emotional issues are taken away, the condition should then calm in its intensity.

Hypnotherapy solutions allow the individual to take control over the systems that register pain, as well as altering the way they respond to it. So the person should be able to successfully reduce their own pain levels and alter their perceptions of the pain they are encountering.

Quite simply you discover ways to treat pain and its effects in a new, more natural way. Do you suffer with pain? By making use of hypnosis for pain control you will learn some excellent relaxation techniques, and find your pain drastically reduced after only a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

Meirion Ellis from Ellis Hypnosis Clinics based in Oswestry, Wrexham and Chester explained why in their view hypnotherapy solutions are extremely effective at reducing and controlling long term pain ……. “Pain is a signal to let us know that something is wrong and can be the result of an injury or illness. Once we have received the signal, there is no need to keep receiving it at the same intensity, so we can train the mind to turn it down. Depending on the reason for the pain, it is not always safe to turn it off altogether as we may need a reminder that something is wrong. In most cases it is however safe to turn it down to a more manageable level. Clients are taught techniques to help them manage their pain levels themselves, therefore giving them a better quality of life”.

(*) https://www.britishpainsociety.org/media-resources/#faqs

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